Revolving Restaurant Rondorama®



The revolving restaurant Rondorama ® seats 200 guests (80 on the revolving platform, 120 at the window). It’s the perfect place for short presentations and dinner.


Bucher & Durrer Hall



In the Bucher & Durrer hall 50 guests can be seated. It is a hall with an Alpine touch. Appropriate for short meetings before dinner or even dinner in a more private atmosphere.


Stanserhorn Hall



The Stanserhorn hall is in the lower ground of the revolving restaurant. It seats up to 20 people. Accessible by circular stairway or ramp from the terrace.


Exhibition Hall



An annual exhibition is displayed in this hall. Perfect for presentations up to 100 people or a welcome cocktail before dinner.





On a sunny day, this is the perfect place for your welcome cocktail. The terrace seats 400 guests.