Oldtimer Funicular Train



Built by two pioneers, Josef Durrer-Gasser and Franz-Josef Bucher-Durrer from Kerns, it first opened in 1893. With a maximum rise in altitude of 63%, capacity for 40 people and 45minute duration of the ride, one could reach Mt Stanserhorn (until 1974) in three sections with the old-time funicular train. From 1893-1903 the electrically operated funicular was connected to the tram running from Stansstad to Stans and the steamboat station at Stansstad. A novelty was also the system of the brakes. The Mt Stanserhorn Railway Company was the only mountain railway company which had a three-sectioned train up the mountain. Trains 1 and 2 of the lower section were restored in 2009 and 2010 and are still operating from Stans to the middle station at Kälti. In1975, the second and third section of the funicular train were replaced by an aerial cable car.