History of Mount Stanserhorn




In May, the first general meeting was held. In June, the work on the railway to Mount Stanserhorn started.




Opening of the Mount Stanserhorn railway from Stans up to the peak and Hotel Stanserhorn Kulm on August 23, 1893. Built by the mountain railway pioneers Franz Josef Bucher-Durrer and Josef Durrer-Gasser.




The electrical Mount Stanserhorn lights shine from the mountain into the valley with the power of 22’000 candles.




A plane crash takes place on 24 May 1934. The plane (DH 5 # 452) has taken off at Dübendorf and crashes on Mt Stanserhorn.




Due to electrical shorts in the Blumatt, the hotel on Mount Stanserhorn and the engine of the third section are destroyed by the fire in the night on 2/3 October 1970. The Mount Stanserhorn changes from hotel to a restaurant only.




On September 1 the operation of the funicular from the Kälti-Blumatt- Mount Stanserhorn was discountinued.




The aerial cable car Kälti-Mount Stanserhorn starts operation in May 1975 and is inaugurated. The cabin sparkles in bright red.




Toni Businger, an artist with an international reputation and originally from Stans, paints the cable car cabins with colourful alpine flowers on a yellow background. Marking the 100th anniversary of the Mount Stanserhorn railway, his art becomes a new highlight.




Opening of the revolving restaurant Rondorama® - the first revolving restaurant in central Switzerland.




Construction of the observation deck on the terrace of the restaurant Rondorama®. This allows very special views of the Alps.




In an accident between a truck and wagon 2 of the funicular train, the wooden structure is destroyed and needs to be rebuilt.




Renovation of wagon 1 of the funicular train section Stans-Kälti.