All hiking trails on the Stanserhorn are closed.


Mount Stanserhorn is the perfect mountain for hiking at all levels. Whether a 30 minute walk around the peak or a 4 hour hike from Stans up to the very top, it offers everyone the possibility to pick the appropriate hike. Beautiful views over Stans, the valley of Engelberg or the canton of Obwalden can be enjoyed during the hike.



Hiking Map


Ridge hike Stanserhorn-Engelberg



8) Summit circuit


1) Stans - Bluematt - Rinderalp - Stanserhorn



2A) Stans - Kalcherli - Stanserhorn



2B) Stans - Kalcherli - Stanserhorn via playground



3) Stans - Ebnet - Stanserhorn



4) Wirzweli - Gummen - Stanserhorn



5) Wirzweli - Stanserhorn



6) Wiesenberg - Blatti - Stanserhorn



7) Kerns - Ächerli - Stanserhorn